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Outsourcing Your Blog Management–Is It the Way to Go?

Content is one of the most vital parts of a website. After all, users enter keywords making up the content of your page to land at your site. So if your content doesn't answer and fulfill the expectations of your audiences, it won?t do justice to visiting your website the next time. Moreover, if you don?t have the time or you are not sure just how to improve on it to delight your visitors, a solution can be to hire content developers who are expert in this field. In this article, we will tackle about outsourcing your blog management. Question is: Will outsourcing it be beneficial for you??We will go through the list of pros and cons to help you reach your decision.

The Pros

#1. Expertise

By outsourcing expert blog managers, you can gain the best social media management and strategies for your blog. These professionals have this specialty of providing blog management services as their core business. Thus you can be sure that they will implement creative tactics on how to attract customers and engage them closely and ultimately convert leads to sales. Blog management goes hand in hand with social marketing. With this in light, you also eliminate the costs of training a new team member to do this job or the costs of you learning how to apply the most effective and updated strategies on the web now. Also note that aside from content, this blog manager may include the expertise of designing and optimizing your website to increase your blog?s traffic all the more.

#2. Efficiency

Blog management requires certain skills that need to be done efficiently. If you are having a hard time proofreading your blog posts for errors, gathering and verifying information to complete a post, ensuring that your links are posted without worrying about being banned from search engines or reported by users as abusive, etc., you have to seek for help. Stop wasting your time and effort and do what you really need to. By outsourcing these tasks, you can attain more efficiency and productivity.

#3. Concentrate on Your Competitive Advantage

Face it?if you?re not really into writing and building content for your webpage, give it to the professionals. You know it?s time to ask help with blog management tasks if you have more important things to do that you prioritize in a day. For instance, you meet up with clients, do marketing jobs offline, research for new materials, think of innovative ways to enhance your products and so on. You don?t have much time left to think about delivering a good spiel for your blog update. You still have hundreds of emails waiting for you to read them in your inbox. Your to-do list is like an overflowing soup bowl. Realize that you?re not superhuman. So concentrate on the things you do best and leave blog management on to someone else who really can do it best.

The Cons

#1. NoControl Over Quality

When you outsource your blog management, you won?t put your concentration into checking for the quality of the content, comments and news posted by the minute or frequently. Because of this, you cannot be guaranteed of really high quality posts that suit your business profile. You may have hired a good blog manager of social marketing strategist but you also have to note the competency of this person. Is he only good in building links but not targeting the right keywords in creating content? Does he really understand how to interact responsively with customers? Are Facebook and Twitter the only social media he promotes your blog to? These are some of the concerns targeted to quality. In outsourcing, you simply have to coordinate well with the goals and check on the abilities of the blog manager before pushing for a commitment.

#2. Not Qualified Enough

There are so many service providers nowadays that you won?t know which to choose and hire. You have to make sure to get the one who will always be responsive whenever there are problems with your blog. This blog manager has to be easily contactable for support. You want somebody whose familiarity with the current search engine optimization techniques are really at par with the best standards and procedures. The process of finding a good writer or blog management agency can take time. But it will be worth your effort and investment later. So it?s critical that you have a detailed discussion with your service providers about what they know of current blog management practices before closing a contract.

#3. Loss of ?Personal Touch?

Often when you are writing, you expose your personality and this is one of the elements why readers are attached to your brand. They want to hear from the voice behind a company or the brand they are following. When you outsource the content writing, you have to be careful not to lose the spark of personality they are looking for. Part of the quality your content needs is a reflection of you as the owner and runner of the business. Replicating this tone may be hard for the third-party blog managers if they don?t know much about how your writing sounds. One good suggestion is to have them vet through your previous work and learn how to write as if they are you.


The main intention of building your website is to promote your online presence. Hence, if you don?t have the right skills, time and expertise to continue your blog management efforts, outsourcing this task can be your best bet. Let your blog manager be at the driver?s seat and drive your business to the peak of its destination!

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