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5 Best Foods For Weight Loss

As you surely know at this point, eating the right foods is a key component of losing weight and becoming healthy. However, unless you are a professional nutritionist, chances are that you don’t really have the knowledge in regards to which foods contain which nutrients and how many calories.

In other words, you need a bit of guidance in order to put together your dieting plan, and so here is a brief look at five of the best foods for weight loss you can easily find at your local supermarket.


Perhaps the most well-known fruit in the entire universe, apples actually have some tremendous weight loss benefits.

For starters, each one contains only about ninety to a hundred and ten calories while having a very high fiber content of four to five grams.
Not only do apples fill you up pretty well while putting very few calories into your system, they also give you a ton of fiber, an ingredient necessary for the proper functioning of your bowel system.
If you don’t have good bowel movements, you may end up developing parasites in your intestines and being very low on energy, which is never good for losing weight.

Black Beans

First, a research has demonstrated that people who eat beans on a regular basis are generally slimmer.
Second of all, black beans are some of the best foods for weight loss for their ability to help your body burn fat.
They contain a combination of fiber, protein and resistant starch, which is a carb that has one role: burning fat.
Long story short, eating black beans regularly in your diet will literally help your body to burn fat and calories faster.


One of the world’s favorite pastry spices (and inexplicably, a gum flavor), cinnamon can actually prevent your body from storing fat it doesn’t need after meals.
All you need to do is simply eat about half a teaspoon of cinnamon each day, and it will keep your blood sugar levels under control at all times, preventing your insulin levels from suddenly spiking after meals.
Which is precisely what makes the body store unnecessary fat instead of burning it.


No, it doesn’t give you a very good breath, but various studies have actually demonstrated that garlic has beneficial effects for people trying to lose weight.
A clinical study was conducted in which two groups would go through the same routine for six months, with the difference being that the people in one of them would put zero-calorie garlic spice on their food.
The results showed that those who put the spice on their food lost 30 pounds on average, while those who didn’t only lost two pounds.
In other words, include garlic in your diet in any way you can.

Olive Oil

Not all fats are unhealthy, especially ones gained from one of the best foods for weight loss of all time, olive oil.
Not only does it contribute to raising your HDL (good cholesterol) levels, but it also makes you feel much fuller, keeping you from getting hungry for longer periods of time.
In addition, olive oil can even help fight chronic inflammations, and you only need to put a bit of it on your salad, in which case it will also increase the amount of nutrients and antioxidants your body will absorb from the vegetables.

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