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Walk 5 Minutes Every Hour Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Sitting at your desk all day is not good for health. In fact, long sitting periods associated with cholesterol levels and increased waist circumference. Both of these can lead to metabolic and cardiovascular problems.

One study found if you walk for five minutes every hour after sitting can reduce the risk of heart disease and relieve pain in the legs.

Researchers from Indiana University examined 11 non-obese, healthy men aged 20-35 years who sat for three hours without moving his feet. The researchers used a blood pressure measuring device and ultrasonic technology to measure the function of the femoral artery.

From the results of the study, participants who spent three hours to sit femoral artery function is reduced as much as 50 percent just after an hour sitting. When compared with those participants who walked for five minutes every hour they sit just does not have a decrease in arterial function. They do also can increase muscle activity and good for blood flow.

“Epidemiological evidence linking the time to sit with a number of chronic diseases is already some. We also show that a period of sitting can damage endothelial function, which is an early sign of cardiovascular disease. By reducing sitting time, you can prevent a decrease in the function,” said Saurabh Thosar, of Oregon Health & Science University.

According Thosar, mature workers today mostly spent 8 hours per day to sit. This endothelial dysfunction could occur significantly only with one hour sitting. Only physical activity was clearly able to prevent this damage.

Those who spend more time sitting, increasing 50 per cent of deaths from various diseases and will improve 125% risk of cardiovascular disease events such as chest pain and heart attack. This increased risk was separated from other risk factors for heart disease such as smoking and high blood pressure.

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