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Vyncs GPS Tracker Review | GPS Tracker for car no Monthly fee

The GPS tracker system is a genius of a tracker so your thief can't really go far with your car. The minute you suspect that it's been stolen, you can just report to the authorities immediately and they can tap into the GPS system so they can instantly check where your car is at that very instant.

Today we are going to take a look at Vyncs GPS Tracker which do not charge a monthly fee.
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Where Does Vyncs Work? The Vyncs Link device comes with a built-in SIM card that currently works in 177 different countries including USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. This particular model of Vyncs sold here works only in North America. Before you use Vyncs in a country please make sure that it is allowed by the local law and you abide by all legal requirements.

Features to Consider When Buying a Car GPS Tracker

  • Real-Time or Delayed Time? Do you want to know exactly where the car is right now? Or is to ok to know where it was 10 minutes ago? The closer you get to real time monitoring the more accurate the results – but also the higher the bill is going to be.

  • All the devices are pretty small, but the smallest are about the size of a Zippo cigarette lighter. They smaller they are, the easier they are to hide inside (or outside) the vehicle.

  • Battery Life? How often do you want to charge the device? Smaller tracking units will have smaller batteries and require a charge as much as once a week. Bigger units can go for months, but are harder to hide. Or eliminate the problem entirely with a device that hooks up to the vehicle itself for constant power.

GPS Tracker for car no Monthly fee

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Purchased this for my teen sons car. I LOVE IT! Keeps track of driving habits as well as the "health" of the car. Best feature is the GPS. My son got a bit lost and called me, opened the app, saw where he was and directed him right to where he needed to go! I always know where the car is.....


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