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Seven things to look for when looking for a broker

The good performance of some services is directly linked to factors that exceed technical knowledge. Successful realtor career, for example, depends much more on building an interpersonal relationship of credibility with the client and the experience he has in the market than on any other element.

#1 What Does a mortgage broker Do?

For you who do not know the profession well, the mortgage broker is the person responsible for the intermediation of real estate transactions. It is the neutral part in a real estate purchase and sale relationship, in order to promote the relationship between seller and buyer and mediate conflicts of interest, should they arise.

In addition, a good broker has several other functions in the provision of services and knowing the work of this professional is very important to make a good hiring. So that you know a little more about the attributions of this professional, we summarized its main functions:

#2 Pricing

Only someone with technical knowledge and market experience is able to know if the price being charged for the property is fair, adequate and if it is in accordance with the price practiced in the real estate market of the region and with the state of conservation of the same.

#3 Property valuation

It is very common that details of infrastructure (plant, ventilation, natural lighting, facade), access, conservation and neighborhood pass unnoticed when we make the visits to know the property. Untrained eyes are unable to see these details and, most of the time, it is not in the seller’s interest to inform them. The mortgage brokers, therefore, have the function of detecting these points and alerting us about them. Read: Prepare Your Home for Your Absence

#4 Evaluation of the region

Valuation and devaluation of the region are two very relevant factors for those who want to acquire a property, especially if the purpose of this acquisition is to invest. In order to evaluate these items well, a more in-depth knowledge of the place and of its commercial dynamics is necessary.

In addition, it has the analysis of the evolution that the region has presented over the years and the prospects for the future, which makes the real estate broker essential to make an assertive assessment.

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#5 Evaluation of documentation

Inquiries about the situation of the property and the owner can be carried out by the buyer and are part of the essential steps of buying the property. But it is a time consuming and laborious process to get all the documentation and run after the entities responsible for providing this information. The mortgage brokers can do these analyzes much more quickly and efficiently.

#6 Who should hire the property broker: you or the real estate agent?

The two possibilities exist and it is you who will define what you think best. If you want to do real estate searches with the help of a broker, the fees for the provision of the service will be your responsibility.

However, if the search for the property is intermediated by a real estate agent, in addition to facilitating the meeting of the property most appropriate to your needs and expectations, the costs relating to the services of the broker will be paid by it.

Another important detail is that the real estate company is a company, so its responsibilities go well beyond those required for individuals.

#7 How important is the broker to be a trustworthy person?

The relationship with this professional usually begins at a very specific moment in life: when the decision is made to acquire a property. However, it is very common that this relationship, initially professional, becomes a lasting friendship, given the high degree of proximity that ends up establishing itself during the provision of the service.

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