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Internet of Things and the Fiction Film Being Real

Just imagine, when you are still asleep in the morning suddenly awakened by music from speakers located on the bedside table. Shortly thereafter, turn the TV turns on and displays the weather forecast and schedule you must go through.

As a conclusion, the curtains in rooms exposed to let the sunlight in the window of the chamber. Yes, everything runs automatically, according to your wishes.

Well, that’s a little example of a valid implementation of the Internet of Things (IOT). Automatic activity in the concept has long been true IOT we saw earlier. But still a chimera in a science fiction movie.

But now, no longer limited IOT fiction movie, but can be realized in everyday life, thus firmly BK Yoon, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics in the magnificent stage Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, Las Vegas, USA.

IOT can not walk alone. Many aspects and players should also support this ecosystem. So that the single vendor of a world IOT is impossible.

“The combination of all of these will make a revolution of our lives and opportunities of many things,” he continued.

BK Yoon then try to broaden the audience of the IOT by displaying a routine activity of each person, ie when watching YV.

While sitting in the living room, the TV automatically turns on and playing movies that have been prepared. Then the user moving moment of the room, and as being able to read the user desires that do not want to lose momentum in the show, then this smart TV will automatically turn on the ‘pause’. And when the user comes, the impressions rotated again, as an assistant in charge of pressing the ‘play’ and ‘pause’.

If less sophisticated, look at other IOT demo. This time BK Yoon requested assistance BMW’s Senior Vice President Elmar Frickenstein.

According to their field, Frickenstein more talked about how technological developments in the automotive industry.

He said, it is certainly highly anticipated draw drivers are the presence of a smart car that can drive itself. But actually BMW already innovate away from it.

In a demo, exhibit Frickenstein slick collaboration with BMW I8 smartwatch and smart applications in it. “BMW, pick me up,” said Frickenstein in the video, which are located in the parking lot.

And shortly thereafter, luxury mobile BMW I8 directly respond and locate the origin of the call. Voila … Shortly thereafter, the car is running without a driver and stopped in front of his master.

Indeed, there are many more IOT implementation that can be applied in everyday life. Start of cap embedded with a brain wave sensor and connected with a mobile phone and an ambulance for the elderly. Until the implementation of IOT which could be a security guard and a digital assistant in your home. Everything can be done automatically and can be controlled in the clutch.

Seeing this opportunity, BK Yoon also confirms Samsung’s commitment to flood the market with devices that already support the IOT. “In 2017, as many as 90% of Samsung products have been categorized IOT device. And in the next 5 years, it is 100% Samsung products that fall into the category of the IOT,” he said.

Everything will be connected to one another. Starting from the camera, phone, refrigerator, TV, car, speakers, home security systems, to washing machines.

“Samsung will open up for devices and components in order to create the universe IOT IOT,” said BK Yoon.

“The changes that happened so far is nothing compared to what we will encounter in the future. I know in my heart, to make the Internet of Things happen, it takes more than one company, more than one industry. To create a universe IOT, we all must work together “.

“The Internet of Things is present for you, for us all, they come in. What we hold in our hands the unlimited possibilities, now it’s up to us to take advantage of them!” Samsung added the big boss.

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