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How human psychotype affects his financial success?

Money – an important thing. Especially when you don’t have them. Or not enough. Or when you do not know what to do with them. In nature (in the mind) of man, there are laws that are important to consider when forming a personal investment strategy and choice of options to invest their money. Here are some of them.

1. Everyone has the individual characteristics of the nature, which depend on two factors:

– On the genotype (gene is transmitted to us by inheritance from parents);

– From phenotype (behavioral traits, we have received from society-a society in which we grow, learn, live).

2. Each of us is going through different emotional states – especially strong amplitude they appear when we begin to deal with your money, personal finances. Fear and greed make us make rash (it bluntly – stupid) things. That is why there was the rights of investors ?1 – «Buy fear, sell the greed.”

3. When performing any operations with your money it is important to be able to not lose your head, maintain self-control and self-discipline, to be rational and not emotional, to be mentally prepared to overcome the inevitable failures and bandwidth loss of money … In other words, your emotions and reactions to events would interfere you stick you developed a personal investment strategy.

4. There is no good or bad, successful or unsuccessful human psycho. Each of the well-known psycho-science has its advantages and gave mankind a number of the wealthiest investors who made his fortune completely differently, based on their strengths and talents. Therefore, our task – to identify, understand, and take into account their personal characteristics, their principles of financial decision-making, their degree of risk appetite.

5. I’m sure you’ve heard many times, people who win the lottery quickly left with nothing or even dying from drinking (stress, pleasure). This example proves that it is the right financial habits play a major role (rather than individual psycho, fortune and luck). In order to maximize their personal finances, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments to its model of behavior – in their thinking and habits of handling money.

6. If a person is not able to save money – from himself, first of all, that all further action it will be useless. The situation will not change. It operates a simple rule of thumb should be to set aside money from each of its earnings, at least 10%, but constantly. Stop spending all of the money that you earn. For this to become a habit, at the level of automaticity. As long as you do not do this step, you will have nothing to invest. And you will remain forever at risk. In addition to the psychological aspects of the investment process should consider the following:

1. The Intelligent Investor is not after a fabulous profit.

2. It increases your capital slowly, using the principles of value investing, carefully selecting the best sites for investing their money.

3. Canonical investment rules deny technical analysis and disapprove of gambling speculators traders.

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