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Best Night Cream For 30s

If you are serious about healing flaws in your skin and keep it youthful you should look for the best face creams for the night. But what is the best night cream or best night cream for 30s for you? Keep reading and you'll find the simple answer.

What is the Difference Between Night and Day Cream?

A night cream isn't all that different from a day cream, it should contain many of the same ingredients. The difference is that a nightly cream often is thicker, heavier than a day cream.

A day cream needs to be light and absorb quickly so that you can put on make-up 15 minutes after if you wish, and head off to work or an appointment without shiny skin.

But a night cream can contain ingredients that are a bit thicker in consistency and absorb slowly during the night and rejuvenate your skin, like active manuka honey or avocado oil.

If you are going to be in all day you might as well use your nightly cream during the day too, as it often is more effectively healing than the day cream.

From trying different creams for years, with varied results, I have come to the conclusion that natural products are what are the best night creams.

Chemicals and mineral oil are cost-effective for the manufacturers and they have long shelf life. But they have almost no benefits for the skin, and some chemicals can even be harmful in the long-run.

So, the best cream to use during the night is completely natural and made of more than 50% active ingredients like repairing proteins, vitamins, plant-extracts, healing natural oils, coenzyme q10 and other antioxidant-rich elements.

It should be formulated so all ingredients work in synergy with each other and so it penetrates deeply into the skin. It should target the three main causes of aging, and naturally soften, revitalize and moisturize your skin while you sleep!

What is the Best Night Cream?

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